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São João del Rei, situated in the mountains of Minas Gerais State, is 197 Km from Belo Horizonte (the state capital), 321 Km from Rio and 473 Km from São Paulo. It is one of the most important historical cities in Minas Gerais with its arts and culture being referential to tourism.

There are two bicentennial orchestras which are responsible for both cultural and musical sacra heritage. One can find 17th century churches with golden enriched altars and ornaments made by great artists, which reflect the Mineiro Baroque archictecture and style.

The houses and buildings coupled with narrow streets lend themselves to a romantic atmosphere making it a pleasurable place to go for a walk. Alternatively, one can always enjoy the Railway Station, where ‘Maria Fumaça’, a charming old steam engine which links São João Del Rei to Tiradentes.

Nearby cities like Prados with its wooden and leather crafts, Resende Costa with its textile handcrafts, Coronel Xavier Chaves with its diverse spirits distilleries and Bichinho with its unique arts production make the region an important artifacts manufacturer in Minas Gerais.

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Rua Padre Machado, 313 - Bela Vista. São João Del Rei - MG. CEP 36301-028. (32) 3371-4420